The Recreation Trail concept started in 2001 when the Wamego Chamber of Commerce and an ad hoc tourism committee hosted a Visioning Session to define future goals for tourism and recreation in Wamego and the surrounding area. Two projects stood out: A recreational trail from Wamego to Saint George and a new river landing in Wamego.

In 2002, the Recreational Trail and River Landing projects were adopted into the Wamego Chamber’s strategic plan. In 2003, Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corp. adopted both projects into its strategic plan, and in 2005 included both in their tourism plan. In August 2005, a draft of the Scope of Services was prepared that projected what would be necessary to conduct the engineering and cost feasibility study for the project. Students in K-State’s PLAN 761 Community Development Workshop class conducted the feasibility and design study in spring 2006. Landplan Engineering completed the preliminary engineering design and probable construction costs in spring 2007. Spring 2009 Schwab-Eaton surveyed and completed design for Saint George Phase I.



Many individuals and businesses support the trail project. Wamego City Hospital has provided a statement showing their support:

As the cost of healthcare continues to rise in our country one of the best ways to control healthcare spending is to improve the overall health of our communities. The most effective way to improve health is through eating appropriately and exercising regularly. Having easily accessible and safe recreation helps increase exercise. While our communities are rich in heritage and culture they lack sufficient exercise and recreational opportunities. The WAM-SAG-MAN Trail will provide a safe and beautiful recreational trail to the citizens of Pottawatomie County and surrounding areas. Wamego City Hospital is pleased to support the Yellow Brick Road Ride and the Cabin Fever Challenge to benefit the WAM-SAG-MAN Trail project. We believe the Trail is a key component to helping improve the health of our friends, our families, and our selves. We look forward to seeing you on the trail!”



Click here for an explanation of the multiple trail phases.


Wam-Sag-Man Trail Route


The County of Pottawatomie has committed itself to the WAM-SAG-MAN Trail project. In support of that commitment, the Board of Commissioners has adopted Resolution N. 2007-69, which states “...that they approve the use of Military Trail Road right-of-way, between the City of Saint George and City of Wamego, for the placement of a bicycle/pedestrian facility and that it shall be designed to acceptable guidelines of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.”