WAM-SAG-MAN Trail will connect communities of Wamego, Saint George and Manhattan. A partnership between the Wamego Chamber of Commerce, Pottawatomie County Economic Development, the Pottawatomie County Outdoor Recreation Council and a group of trail advocates has been created for the project. Together we are working to raise funds to build the trail through several phases.

Local residents of the area appreciate the scenic views and historical richness of the region. The WAM-SAG-MAN Trail will embrace and exemplify these treasures. The Trail also will reinforce the progressive nature of the community, as well as enhance the quality of life for current and future residents.


Reasons for the trail: SAFETY, HEALTH, ECONOMICS, ENVIRONMENT. Bicyclists and pedestrians need a safe place to walk and bicycle to and from work and school, and for recreation. The WAM-SAG-MAN Trail will provide safe passage. More and more people are wanting to improve their health by getting more exercise. The trail will provide a scenic place for people to get out with their friends and family. People who commute by bicycle or walk to work have more expendable income. People who commute to work by bicycling will reduce their carbon impact on the environment.




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